How to light up floating shelves with LED lights to create a unique display.

Adding LED lighting to floating shelves can create a strong focal point to display a range of collections from art and ceramics to plants and photographs.  

Taking inspiration from our recent John St project below, the floating American Oak shelves are fitted with LED lighting to provide a decorative element to the kitchen in a minimalist style, while also illuminating the benchtop below.  Integrated LED lighting in the floating shelves has also created ambient light to soften the space when overhead task lighting is not required in the open plan kitchen.

American Oak Floating Shelf with LED lighting in kitchen with Marble

Floating Shelves can be lit from beneath the shelf, or uplit from the back or front of the shelf depending on your individual needs, function and styling.

We offer three options for floating shelf lighting as standard, but as each product is made to order, the possibilities are endless, and we can create custom solutions to suit a range of needs.  

View the range of made to order floating timber shelves here or contact our team to discuss a custom floating shelf display with integrated lighting.

American Oak FLoating Shelve with LED Lighting

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