St Albans Mohair Throw - Cobweb

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Enjoy the warmth and softness of St Albans Mohair in the timeless Cobweb colourway featuring dark greys and neutrals in a graduated block check.

St Albans Mohair is known for its strength and resilience while providing breathable warmth due to the quality of the natural fibres.

With a traceable supply chain, St Albans Mohair sources ethically and sustainably from the most respected Angora goat farms in Australia and South Africa to create beautiful pieces designed to last. 



122cm x 183cm



St Albans Mohair is easy to care for with simple hand washing in a tub of warm or cold water with a dash of 'wool wash' detergent

After immersing the product in water and gently moving to soak up the detergent, leave submerged for around 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with cold water.

To dry, simply drape gently over a clothes line or clothes horse taking care not to wring dry.

St Albans Mohair is also Dry Cleanable.  We recommend using a reputable professional who is familiar with the capital P care symbol on the tag.