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St Albans Mohair Throw - Ridge
St Albans Mohair Throw - Ridge
St Albans Mohair Throw - Ridge

St Albans Mohair Throw - Ridge

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St Albans Mohair is sustainably and ethically sourced from the most respected Angora Goat Farms in Australia and South Africa to create the most durable and beautiful products with a traceable supply chain.

Mohair is known as the 'diamond fibre' due to its resilience and flexibility making it the premium choice for warmth, breathability and strength.

Our new Mohair Ridge throw takes you on a visual journey from black to white.  It's geometric design offers graduation in colour and a cool texture in any environment.


Size:  122cm x 183cm



Caring for your exquisite St Albans Mohair, Alpaca or Wool product is like caring for a life-long friend – if you treat them well they will be with you for life!

They don’t ask for much, only that you hand-wash them in a tub filled with warm or cold water and a dash of ‘wool wash’ detergent.

Immerse the product in water, gently moving it in the tub in order to soak up the detergent, then leave submerged for around 5 minutes.

Thoroughly rinse your product with cold water to remove all detergent from the fabric and then carefully remove the wet fabric (taking care not to wring dry) and place it over a line or clotheshorse.

NOTE: St Albans products are also Dry-Cleanable – just make sure you take them to a reputable cleaner who will care for them like they would their own. Also ensure they are aware of the symbol (capital P) on the tag.